Deer Hunting Season Starts Monday

The state Game Commission is predicting that the wait for the 750,000 hunters expected to take to the woods will be worth it.

Deer hunting season starts Monday.
Deer hunting season starts Monday.
Written by Jack Tobias

Monday's starting date for deer hunting season may be a little later than usual, but the state Game Commission is predicting that the wait for the 750,000 hunters expected to take to the woods will be worth it.

The commission "is tracking deer populations as stable or increasing in nearly all of the state’s 23 wildlife-management units," the commission reported on its website.

Here are some helpful tips and information, courtesy of the commission. .

—The statewide general firearms season runs through Dec. 14. Monday's start time is 7 a.m.

—Each hunter is required to wear a minimum of 250 square inches of fluorescent orange material on his or her head, chest and back combined. And for safety’s sake, nonhunters who might be in the outdoors during the deer season might also want to consider wearing orange at this time.

—The availability of food sources in an area plays a role in the deer harvest, according to Chris Rosenberry, who supervises the commission's deer and elk section. 

—Hunters during the statewide firearms season can harvest antlered deer if they possess a valid general hunting license, which costs $20.70 for adult residents and $101.70 for adult nonresidents. Each hunter between the ages of 12 and 17 must possess a junior license, which costs $6.70 for residents and $41.70 for nonresidents. Hunters younger than 12 must possess a valid mentored youth hunting permit and be accompanied at all times by a properly licensed adult mentor, as well as follow other regulations.

—In order to harvest antlerless deer, a hunter must possess either a valid antlerless deer license or a valid Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) permit. License availability can be checked online through the commission website.

—A valid tag must be affixed to the ear of each deer harvested before that deer is moved. The tag must be filled out in ink by the hunter. Within 10 days of a harvest, a successful hunter is required to make a report to the commission. 


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