New Study Finds 29.1% of Pa. Adults Are Obese

That’s an increase from 2012, when the state was 28.6% obese.

Written by Alison Smith

Just in time for New Year’s Resolution season, a new study from America’s Health Rankings finds that 29.1% of Pennsylvania adults are obese.

That will get you to the gym.

A person is deemed obese if he or she has a Body Mass Index of 30.0 or above. You can calculate your Body Mass Index on the Centers for Disease Control’s website.

2013’s numbers reflect a slight uptick over 2012, when 28.6% of Pennsylvanians were obese.

The healthiest state, weigh-wise, is Colorado, with 20.5% of adults weighing in as obese. The least healthy is Louisiana, with 34.7% adult obesity.

An interactive graphic on America’s Health Ranking’s website shows how we’re growing fatter over time; in 1990, only 12.5% of Pennsylvanians were obese.


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