Vance Community Partners Donates $10,000 to Women's Center

The Norristown-based nonprofit headed by former Chief County Detective Oscar Vance is on a mission to help the Norristown community.

Oscar Vance wants to invest in Norristown.

Vance Community Partners, the nonprofit foundation created by the former chief county detective, is aimed at partnering with other organizations to help youth and the elderly and according to Vance, they're particularly interested in Norristown.

"We're focusing in on the Norristown community," said Vance.

To that aim, the group recently awarded a $10,000 grant to the Women's Center of Montgomery County, a domestic violence and abuse organization based in Norristown, but with offices all over the county. Vance presented the check to the Women's Center at his Cherry Street offices on Monday.

According to Women's Center Executive Director Maria Macaluso, the money will go to pay for full-time advocate position already staffed at the Norristown location. The position was in danger of being eliminated.

"We really are reinvesting this back into the Norristown community," she said.

The position being funding is held by a women who is, herself, a survivor of domestic violence, Macaluso said.

"She is the model of what you want in a survivor," she said. "She's done everything to get her life back on track and now she's turning around and helping others."

Vance said he recognizes how important these resources are to the community.

"[The Women's Center] is very important for the foundation of Norristown," said Vance "So that people who do have problems... that necessary help is there."

"I think that the investment here in Norristown is essential," he said. "It's a foundation, a beginning to add on to some of the things that need to be done to help correct some of the problems in [the community].

Vance Community Partners is currently renovating a space adjacent to the offices of Vance Investigations and Corporate Solutions, the for-profit private investigation firm Vance heads. The space on the 200 block of Cherry Street will be used for workshops and training in partnership with other organizations.

Learn more about Vance Community Partners here.


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MzPaula February 28, 2013 at 01:13 PM
I like to celebrate the good things happening in town.
T. MacGirlver Metzgy March 03, 2013 at 10:56 PM
YES! My lord, I had not heard even a snip of information about this. Is there some reason why, I wonder? All the same in small towns, I suppose. I'm from Hatboro originally, and the pettiness and trifling nonsense that can impede progress is shameful. I am just thrilled to read this story. Can't wait to get involved. Thank you kindly! Theresa A. Metzger


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