Will You Continue to Use Spray Sunscreen on Your Children?

Consumer Reports is now recommending that spray sunscreens not be used for children.

(Patch file photo)
(Patch file photo)
Consumer Reports  is recommending that spray sunscreens no longer be used for children.

The problem, Consumer Reports said, is that it's too easy to breathe in the sunscreen when it's being sprayed -- especially if the person being sprayed might have a tendency toward wiggling.

The Food and Drug Administration currently is investigating the risks of spray sunscreen, Consumer Reports said. So until the FDA makes a ruling, Consumer Reports thinks it's better avoid the stuff when kids are involved. Or, if you absolutely have to use spray sunscreen on children, "spray the sunscreen onto your hands and rub it on."

Adults should use caution if they decide to continue using spray sunscreens on themselves, Consumer Reports said.

Consumer Reports has a list of sunscreens it deems safe for children here.

The reason spray sunscreen is so popular, of course, is that it's so darn easy to use, especially on wiggly children.

Will you stop using spray sunscreen on children on the advice of Consumer Reports, or will you wait for the FDA ruling before making a decision?


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