Where from Here ?

Resisting tyranny in Government

This may piss some people off but we all need a reality check. 
For the last 5 years we have said 'We are coming' but we never came or went.
We say ' Obama will not get away with this or that' but he did and does.
We like to think of ourselves as a brave people who would die for Our Country but 
so far, this is not the case. 
Over 200 years ago thousands of Patriots without food, water, medical supplies or clothes took up arms and walked hundreds and hundreds of miles to defend this land of freedom from the British. Many battles were lost. Some froze to death, starved, others fell to the soil, fertilizing the land with their blood. 
In the end, they won the Fight to remain Free.
Decade after decade we have witnessed the decay of morality, an assault on Christian religion,attack after attack on Our Constitution. 
And here we are.
Do we not understand and 'Get it' that elections do not matter? 
Petitions, phone calls. posting on blogs, singing God Bless America and attending rallies does nothing.
I can't imagine 200 years ago those Patriots sitting back just verbally complaining for a decade while the British took control of their land. 
I understand that the Governement has ways to stop us. I understand WACO, Ruby Ridge,Sending armed federal agents to capture us, a Philly mayor back in the 80's dropped bomb on a neighborhood setting a fire, destroying homes and killed people.
Yes, we know if we set forth, the Gov will stop us. 
Is this why we have not opened our doors and marched on Washington ?
Do we believe this line of action would also amount to nothing ?
What do we do ? 
We know we cannot sit back for 4 years with this guy so 

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gerhard sweetman November 22, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Replace Lawyers with Jurys, DA's & Judges with grand juries & more cops
Joe The Nerd Ferraro November 26, 2012 at 10:34 PM
So who is this almighty 'We' you are talking about? (pretty amusing from someone who isn't using their full real name...) Want to go back to the 200+ year mark? OK - we had slavery back then - are you advocating that to be returned too? What about indentured servitude? You are saying that there is an attack on Christian Religion? Could they be attacking themselves as they cover up and deflect in pedophilia trials and game their Churches into political forces or withhold the Body of Christ to other Christians that see compassion differently? The Christian 'religions' may have become the merchants in the Temple. Are you going to be Christ-like and throw them out? Do you want to tax them as they become more politically active and not spiritual? What attacks are you talking about on the Constitution? Could it be Citizen's United that grants corporations more power than you as a person? You want to go after the government with the ghosts of Waco and MOVE - ok what would you have done with the MOVE Compounds in West Philly? Then you want to blame all this on President Obama? I think you have some internal issues to deal with. 'WHERE FROM HERE" you ask? how about - "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" The man was elected on as much on the up and up as we can now expect. YOU LOST. If you want to be an American - GET OVER IT AND YOURSELF.


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