PECO Workers Fixing Gas Leak Disrupt Traffic Along Markley Today

According to officials, routine excavation work in the area uncovered a leak near the intersection of Markley Street and Johnson Highway.

Traffic at Markley Street and Johnson Highway was interrupted this afternoon as PECO crews worked to close a leak at the intersection.

According to a PECO official, PECO workers performing routine maintenance work in the area discovered the leak at approximately 2:15 p.m. while they were excavating.

"They were excavating around the gas distribution line," said a PECO official. "And as they were excavating, there was a crack in the line. They are making repairs to those cracks."

According to PECO, the workers on site did not cause the damage.

"We didn't dig into the main," said the official. "We were doing routine maintenance."

Reportedly, no customers were affected by the leak.


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