New Facebook Pages To Sell Your Unwanted Items

Have unwanted items to sell but don't want to hold a yard sale? Montgomery County Sale or Swap Facebook Group to the rescue!

There are two new ways to sell your unwanted items without having to setup a yard sale in your front yard.

Elisa Gossger began the Montgomery County Garage Sale or Swap and its counterpart Montgomery County Parent’s Garage Sale or Swap.

The parent’s page is exclusively for kids, tweens and teens items, with current items listed including children clothing of all sizes, shoes, toy trains, a high chair and more.

The Montgomery County Garage Sale or Swap page is perfect for household goods, gardening and lawn gear, adult clothing, and the like.

Gossger told Patch, “I wanted to create a place you could easily upload your pictures, recommend the page to your friends and be able to browse items specifically in Montgomery County.”

The sites can be used to sell, buy and swap items.

Gossger also posts “Pet of the Week” from a Montgomery County shelter and “What’s for Dinner?” an easy recipe for parents.

There are almost 100 members on the Parent’s page and the Montgomery County Garage Sale is “slowly growing” said Gossger. Both sites have been up for about a month.

“I've had a couple people message me on Facebook and thank me for doing this, which is wonderful and rewarding! I'm glad it's helping people sell and find items!” said Gossger.


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