Thirsty? Check out a Brand-New Beer Blog on Patch

Brandywine Valley Brewing Collective's blog offers insight into the world of craft beer.

Credit: Brandywine Valley Brewing Collective
Credit: Brandywine Valley Brewing Collective
There's a new blog on Patch, and it's all about beer. 

Craft beer, that is. 

Dan Stabilito and his fellow beer connoiseurs at Brandywine Valley Brewing Collective are sharing with Patch readers insight on craft brews, whether it's a new favorite beer or insight into the rapidly growing craft-beer industry. 

So, bottom's up. Read Dan's inaugural blog post and let him know what you think by posting in the Comments section of the blog.  

As Dan writes in his first blog post for Patch: 

"Beer drinkers’ tastes have changed dramatically in the US in the past decade after succumbing to the depths of corporate marketing campaigns selling less calories and colder is better as attributes for great beer while ignoring the bounty of options that the world’s craft brewers have been offering for centuries, actually millennia."


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