Letter to the Editor: Let's Improve On the Bad Reputation and Stereotypes

An open letter from a Norristown Area School District alumnus to the Norristown Area School Board.

By Hakim K. Jones, Norristown Area School District alumnus

I truly hope that something can be done regarding the students and staff who earned the opportunity of a lifetime. The community, alumni and total strangers have been learning about the situation and are behind these students 100%. They now have support from outside of the district as you will see in the blog below.  

As a community member and public servant first, I'm curious as to why this can't happen for our youth who've earned it?  In being a former Eisenhower Middle School and student athlete and musician, its very important that our youth have any and every opportunity to succeed.  Its definitely a long term investment for everyone!

The Robotic Club is academic based (S.T.E.M. based) and speaks of nothing but excellence at the local, state, national and international levels. Allowing the students to attend this competition would do nothing but improve upon the bad reputation and stereotypes that the Norristown community has endured for quite some time.  Most importantly, it would give these children something to be proud of, whether they are in the competition or not.  Its really hard to believe the logic behind denying something of this magnitude. Its not a wrestling, football or track and field event, but purely ACADEMIC.

Something has to be done and the community at least needs answers as to why this trip was voted down.  

Hakim K. Jones,

  • BSJWVU Alum '06
  • NAHS Alum '01
  • Eisenhower Middle School
  • Cole Manor Elementary School


MzPaula March 17, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Great letter Hakim. We need to support our childre in their endeavors and celebrate their accomplishments.


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