Letter to the Editor: Zachary's BBQ a Testament to President Obama Commitment to Small Business

Keith Taylor, owner and head chef of Zachary's BBQ, has written an open letter to the President, thanking him for his commitment to the small business.

President Obama knows that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the engine of job creation. His efforts to rescue the economy and invest in our future have helped millions of small business owners like my wife Elizabeth and I to expand, build, and hire more workers to move forward and strengthen our community.

We were given the opportunity in part because our business expansion is a direct result of changes and policies put in place by our president, Barack Obama. Change that he helped create in SBA lending and rebates as part of the Small Business Jobs Act are part of what our president has done that helped us expand.

I have listened to misinformed people talk about handouts and bailouts, but that is not what our success story is about. There was no bailout. We were approved for an SBA loan after operating successfully for ten years as a smaller side business. That loan supported a plan for growth that is no different than the plans for growth that any other emerging business would project. Not only has our plan worked, while the government gets its money back, but in the process we have created several jobs and great givebacks to the community and local economy. No handouts. No drama. A victory on all sides for a small business that is now even better.

At a time when so many people are openly negative about so many things…Here at Zachary’s BBQ we see nothing but smiles, while we openly support our president and doing what we do best – making new friends, one plate at a time.

If it weren’t for Barack’s policies, we might still be staring down the same obstacles that for so long prevented us from growing our own business. But President Obama has stood by small businesses owners every step of the way, and I’ve seen the significant impact of his efforts firsthand. The loans we received have been critical to our business’ success and sustainability, enabling us to invest in the business’ future and turning what was once merely an idea for a restaurant into a flourishing reality. Zachary’s BBQ Southern Comfort & Catering is a testament both to our determination as American entrepreneurs and President Obama's commitment to the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

We simply want to say, thank you to our President. From a regular guy with a wife and kids just like him. May God bless him, his family and his efforts in all that he may face while he does his best to lead this country forward. 

Keith M. Taylor, Zachary’s BBQ/Southern Comfort & Catering


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