Nasty Storm's Worst Passes To Our South

We will be on the northern fringes of a storm system on Wednesday, with some snow or rain expected. Worst impacts stay south of our area.

A large storm will cross the country through early Thursday, bringing snow and rain in its path as it marches southeast and then east once it gets into the Ohio Valley. This storm will bring varied levels of impact to the region, with the worst to our south, southwest, and along the coast.

Locally, winds will gust to 40 mph and we'll get intervals of rain and snow showers, especially as one gets closer to Philadelphia. The far northern parts of the suburban counties may not see that much precipitation. One of the reasons that the storm may not spread precipitation that far north across the region is the presence of a large area of high pressure in Eastern Canada. It will prevent the storm from tracking too far north and will generally send it on a track from west to east through the northern part of North Carolina.  

Because of the pressure difference between that low and the high, a strong wind will develop on Wednesday, with wind gusts at the Shore probably exceeding 50 mph. This will result in coastal flooding for New Jersey and Delaware and beach erosion.   Tide levels on Wednesday night & Thursday could reach those seen in the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 in Cape May and Lewes. If you have interests down there, give them the heads up that things could be pretty bad on Wednesday and Wednesday night along the coast.  Other than wind, perhaps the rain and wet snow mix, it won't be as bad locally.

Outside of this storm, the balance of the week starts chilly but will warm somewhat at week's end.  We're on track to get back into the 50s on Friday and Saturday. This may continue into the weekend, but details are a bit less certain as some cooler air may try to sneak down from New England late in the weekend.  The balance of the week should be dry, except for whatever precipitation ends up falling on Wednesday.


Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of Phillyweather.net. You can also follow Phillyweather.net on Twitter at @phillywx or on Facebook.


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