Letter: Kenneth A. Fennal of Greater Norristown PAL on MLK, Jr. Day

The Program Director of the Greater Norristown Police Athletic League (GNPAL) thanks the community for their participation in this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Community Day of Service, which took place on Jan. 20.

Credit: Patch
Credit: Patch

Editor's Note: Kenneth A. Fennal, the Program Director at GNPAL, submitted the following Letter to the Editor to Norristown Patch:

GNPAL wants to thank everyone that made this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Day of Service a Norristown-wide Community Day of Service. Every year, we try to make this better, so next year, we will be hard-pressed. We will reaching out to more organizations to participate, within Norristown Borough.

Monday’s diversity was vividly illustrated this year, making Dr. King’s “Dream” that much more, a reality. It truly was what we should all expect, from all communities, boards, corporations, agencies and municipalities, at every level, throughout the year...not just on Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday, and certainly not just at GNPAL.

Once again, I can’t thank everyone; but I want to acknowledge the diverse participation of more than 400 volunteers, as follows:

- Brett Wells, for his continued latitude, leadership and trust to make this an expanded Event for the Greater Norristown Community and beyond!

- State Farm Insurance Corporation, specifically Cynthia Davenport and Ernest Daniel, Jr. for Sponsoring the 2014 Dr. King Community Day Event

- Project Leaders: Carolyn White; Greg Hodges; Wanda Graham; Nancy Chronister.

- Chef Kahlil & “CATERING TO YOUR WHIMS” for Breakfast & Lunch…it was fantastic!

- Keystone First: Water & Mini First Aid Kits

- Breakfast/Lunch Sides: Dunkin’ Donuts (Donuts & Coffee); Weiss; Wal-Mart

- Our Partners: Centre Theater; Elmwood Zoo; NASD-Roosevelt HS & Stewart Middle School; Willow School; Norristown Ministries Hospitality Center; Theatre Horizon; Abington HS & Mrs. Rogers; Central Montgomery MH/MR and Montgomery Hose Company Fire House.

- High School Students: NAHS; Cheltenham HS; Abington HS; Penn Christian Academy

- Youth:Back Talk; BSA Troup-113; Girl Scouts-72028; 1st Baptist Church Crestmont

- Colleges/Universities: Cabrini U; MCCC; Ursinus U; Villanova U

- Companies/Employers: Einstein-Montgomery; Montgomery County; Vanguard; McNeil; Lease Direct; Merck Pharmaceutical

- Alumni Frats/Sorors: KAPPAs-Norristown Chapter; AKA-Phi Beta Omega Chapter; Delta Sigma Theta-Valley Forge Chapter; SGRho-Kappa Chi Sigma Chapter

- Public Officials & Staff: Montgomery Co DA’s Office; State Rep. Matt Bradford; Norristown Borough Member, Gary Simpson

- The Media: TIMES HERALD; Norristown Patch Online

- Lead Organizations: Global Citizen; MLK 365

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who gave his life for all Citizens of the United States and the World, in anticipation for Justice for All!

- Lastly, much appreciation to a Higher Being, greater than ourselves, who brought us all together for the Community’s benefit.

Thank you, All.

Kenneth A. Fennal, Program Director

Greater Norristown PAL (GNPAL)






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