$200 Coach Bag Stolen at Brother Paul’s Pub

The boyfriend of the victim allegedly gave a ride to two women to the transportation center in Norristown, and may be suspects in the theft.

Lower Providence Police were dispatched on Sept. 2 to Brother Paul’s Pub and Restaurant, located at 3300 Ridge Pike in Eagleville.

Police were dispatched at 7:12 p.m., where a Collegeville woman reported her pocketbook and its contents stolen from the establishment.

According to the victim, the pocketbook was described as a Coach brand with creamy, white colors. It contained the victim’s leopard-designed wallet, $50 in cash, her prescription bottle for Flexoral, other personal items, and no credit cards. The purse and its contents amounted to over $200.

The victim told police that possibly between 5:30 – 6 p.m., she arrived at the establishment, and placed her pocketbook on an empty seat at the bar. Sometime after, the victim went outside, leaving her purse at the bar.

The report states that the victim’s boyfriend arrived and took a seat where the victim and her purse were at the bar, while the victim was still outside. The boyfriend, after engaging in conversation with two females he had met at the bar, gave them a ride to the transportation center in Norristown.

Upon the victim’s return to the bar, she found her pocketbook missing.

Police interviewed several witnesses at the bar, including the victim, victim’s friend, the hostess and bartender. By these accounts, police found that the two females were black in their 20s to mid-30s. According to police, the hostess recalled one of the women as having a white coach pocketbook over her shoulder, but did not see the woman pick it up from the seat or if she had it with her while seated at the bar.

According to the victim, she called her boyfriend who said he dropped off the two women and had gone elsewhere for the evening.

Police called the boyfriend at 8:40 p.m., who said that, upon arrival at the bar, he noticed two pocketbooks on chairs, one owned by his girlfriend, and he did not know who owned the other.

Sometime when his girlfriend had stepped outside for a cigarette, the boyfriend said, he became engaged with the two women in conversation. He said that the women had missed the bus after visiting the county prison, and offered them a ride in his truck to the transportation center in Norristown. In the car ride, he did not get their names, but they told him that they were from Philadelphia.

The boyfriend said that the two women sat next to him in the truck, and recalled that the woman sitting in the middle, next to him, did not have a purse. He could not say that the other woman had a pocketbook with her.

Police noted in the report that no surveillance cameras were located on the premises. Police were unable to find the pocketbook after a thorough search throughout the establishment.

AngelTeacher September 13, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Don't leave your purse out of your sight. Plain and simple!


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