Alleged Drug Dealer Caught After Leading Police on High Speed Chase

Douglas Brown, of Philadelphia, tried to elude police in his Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

An alleged drug dealer who tried to elude police by taking them on a high speed chase was caught after abandoning his vehicle in an alley.

According to reports from the , on Tuesday, June 5, at approximately 5:12 p.m. an officer on a routine patrol in an unmarked car spotted a green Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme in the area of the 900 block of Evans Alley being operated by Douglas Brown, 26, of Philadelphia. The officer recognized Brown as a suspect he had made "multiple controlled buys from" in the area previously.

The officer attempted to stop Brown at Haws Avenue and Rich Alley, but when he activated his lights, Brown reportedly made a sudden u-turn and sped off west down Rich Alley. The Oldsmobile ran through a stop sign turning North on Knox Street, then turned west on Main and then north on Stanbridge running a red light at Stanbridge and Airy streets and forcing crossing traffic to stop suddenly. The officer terminated the pursuit given Brown's "reckless, dangerous and violent manner" of driving.

The officer later found the Oldsmobile abandoned in the 1000 block of Thomas Barone Street and broadcasted a description of Brown to other officers. Brown was reportedly stopped walking west on Main St. from Haws Avenue by another officer and questioned. Brown was reportedly breathing heavy and sweating despite the temperature of the day being in the 60s. Brown identified himself as "Steven Childs," born Sept. 19, 1985, but claimed to have no identification or a wallet. The original pursuing officer arrived on the scene and positively identified Brown as the driver of the Oldsmobile and Brown was taken into custody.

Police searched the area and in the 500 block of Stanbridge Street found an ACCESS card in the name of Douglas Brown, a clear vial with a black cap containing a yellow liquid believed to be PCP and a black key fob with 5 key, two of which were keys to the Oldsmobile.

Police were able to positively identify Brown with a background and license check. He is being charged with possession, possession with intent to distribute, feeing and eluding police and giving false ID to police. Brown also was found to have an active criminal warrant.


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