Police: Bar Says Regular Patrons Stole Cases of Beer and Hand Truck

According to a report, the alleged thieves have been at the bar almost every day.

A Norristown police officer was sent to a tavern on the 900 block of West Airy Street where he was told that two regular patrons had allegedly stolen cases of beer and a hand truck.

On Dec. 27 around 12:40 p.m., a Norristown officer went to Rayhill’s Tavern on West Airy Street to investigate a reported theft, according to a Norristown police report. The officer spoke to one of the bar’s employees, who told him that two white men who had been at the bar had left at approximately 11:30 a.m., then entered the bar’s basement from the outside, and took cases of beer and a hand truck.

The bar employee told the officer that the men had taken two cases of Budweiser and one case of Bud Ice, say police.

The employee told the officer that the information had been relayed to them by someone who had supposedly seen the two men leave the basement with the beer.

The officer spoke to the witness, who gave him the same account that the bar employee had given the officer.  Both the witness and the employee know who stole the beer and can identify them, say police.

The man accused of stealing the beer are at the tavern almost every day, according to the report. The beer is valued at $60 and the value of the hand truck is $70.





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