Burglar Chased By Hockey-Stick Wielding Homeowner

Frank Roselli was found guilty of burglarizing a Norristown home last week. It was his third first-degree felony conviction.

According to The Times Herald, 25-year-old Frank Roselli was found guilty last week of burglarizing a DeKalb Street home in 2011. This is reportedly Roselli's third first-degree felony conviction and he faces a sentence of up to 25 years to life in prison.

Roselli was reportedly caught when the homeowner returned home shortly after midnight on Jan. 19 and found him in the garage pulling a rolling suitcase and carrying a laptop computer, an iPad and two champagne bottles he had taken from the house. The owner picked up a hockey stick outside the house and pursued Roselli inside through the house, out into the street and around the block, threatening to hit him if he did not drop the belongings. The chase apparently never got faster than walking speed as the streets were icy.

Roselli, who was reportedly intoxicated, eventually dropped the items as he climbed a fence into the backyard of the house he had been burglarizing. In the yard, Roselli encountered the homeowner's girlfriend and as he walked toward her, Roselli was struck by the hockey-stick wielding homeowner. He was struck a second time when he attempted to get up and again moved in the direction of the woman. 

When police arrived, the reported Roselli to be in possession of stolen watches, jewelry, a camera, a GPS unit, money from the Cayman Islands and a golf tool, all valued at almost $16,000.

Read more about the incident and Roselli's case here.


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