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Busy Night for First Responders in Norristown

Several shootings, serious accidents and at least one assault that may have resulted in a medevac kept police on their toes Saturday night.

The night is barely through and Norristown Police and emergency responders have had their hands full with multiple reports of shots fired, at least one serious car accident and one assault that may have resulted in a victim with a head injury being medevaced to an area hospital.

Details on most of tonight's activity are still scarce, but police are investigating at least three shooting incidents within several hours late afternoon and early evening on Saturday, Jan. 5.

Reports of the first incident surfaced sometime around 4 p.m. – shots fired in the area of the 200 block of East Oak Street. Police were unable to confirm details of that incident.

A second shots fired incident in the 400 block of Moore Street occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m., followed shortly after by a third incident at Arch and Smith streets while officers were still securing the scene at Moore and Violet streets. Officers collecting evidence on the scene confirmed three separate shots fired incidents were under investigation. A fourth incident reported by Norristown Patch readers has still not been confirmed.

Police at the scene of Moore and Violet streets recovered a number of bullet fragments from the area as well as sneakers believed to belong to someone at the scene during the incident. Officers also photographed a van that appeared to have been struck by a stray bullet. According to The Times Herald, a jacket was also recovered from the scene. 

The Herald also reported that witnesses say a man was seen fleeing the scene at the time of the shooting, but a description was not available.

No one was reported injured in any of the shooting incidents Saturday night.

At least one person was injured and flown by medevac for a head injury reportedly sustained in an assault in the area of Chain and West Airy Streets shortly after 11 p.m. Readers reported seeing a man lying on the ground in that area. The nature of the injuries or the alleged assault are still unknown.

Shortly after the responding to the Chain Street incident, officers responded to a report of a serious accident requiring a rescue at Fornance and Arch streets in which a van flipped over on it's side. The nature of the accident or injuries of any party involved are still unknown at this time.

Due to the number and severity of the incidents, Norristown Patch has been unable to reach police representatives for comment. Check back for more information on these incidents as it becomes available.

Thanks to Norristown Patch readers for information and photos from several of tonight's incidents.


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