Collegeville Man Wanted by FBI

Rex Reichert is wanted for the alleged sexual abuse of two boys over 20 years ago.

According to release issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI is searching for a Collegeville man wanted in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of two area boys, ages fourteen and ten, over a two-year period at his apartment in Collegeville.

According to authorities, Reichert had cared for the boys while a relative was receiving medical treatment. The boys also visited him on weekends and accompanied him on camping trips.

On Sept. 28, 1990, charged Reichert with criminal attempt with intent to commit the crime of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, criminal solicitation with the intent of promoting or facilitating the commissions of the crime of involuntary sexual intercourse, indecent assault, corruption of a minor, and endangering the welfare of children and a state warrant was issued for his arrest.

On March 31, 1992, a federal arrest warrant was obtained for Reichert after he was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Reichert has been employed as a technician in a recording studio. He also has operated an amusement arcade and invented a board game that was sold commercially. He is skilled in electronics, specifically musical equipment. He has been known to wear wire-rimmed glasses and have his hair in a ponytail. Reichert may be traveling in Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Canada, or Europe.

The 66-year-old Reichert is described as a 5'10", 150 lbs. white male with grey hairs and grey eyes. See pictures of Reichert and an artist's sketch of what he might look like today here.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Geral Sosbee April 09, 2012 at 02:04 PM
fbi agents & operatives wanted by geral sosbee: Focus on the real problem: the fbi/cia cointelpro which in one form or another threatens all peoples: For the layman, 'cointelpro' may be loosely defined as information and technology systematically used by government agents and operatives (particularly fbi/cia) who, while asserting powerful influence over all branches of government at all levels (including the judiciary), engage in torture, imprisonment or murder of an expanding number of Targets. A form of genocide is apparently in the making whereby a massive program (sometimes referred to as 'cointelpro') is now underway to remove/kill/control large numbers of people. Only a few Targets have credibility because an integral part of the deadly operation is to discredit people who try to report the crimes associated with such operations. http://sosbeevfbi.ning.com/forum/topics/hartwell-on-hate-mail-death-threats-etc-from-fbi-punks?xg_source=activity http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hightechassau.html http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/non-consensual.html
Richard April 09, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Someone forgot to take their meds this morning.....
Geral Sosbee April 10, 2012 at 12:38 AM
For more insight into the low character of fbi shills like Richard (the anonymous filthy figure who posted the above comment this date at 7:23 PM) see: http://www.barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2012/04/former-fbi-agent-geral-sosbee-standing.html As people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia (as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against US equally aggressive and abhorrent stratagems.


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