Council Appoints New Police Chief, Mark E. Talbot Sr.

Talbot has served as the deputy chief of the Reading police department.

Mark E. Talbot Sr. in the Municipal Hall lobby. Credit: Nicole Foulke
Mark E. Talbot Sr. in the Municipal Hall lobby. Credit: Nicole Foulke

Norristown municipal council approved a motion to appoint Mark E. Talbot Sr. as the new chief of the Norristown police department at their meeting Wednesday night at Municipal Hall, a meeting that was attended by Talbot and his wife Brenda.

“Mr. Talbot comes to us with several years of police investigative abilities over the years,” said council president Gary Simpson.

Simpson said that Talbot has served as the deputy chief of the Reading police department and is now an adjunct instructor at the Penn State Justice and Safety institute.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State site, Talbot has about 20 years of law enforcement experience and was appointed the director of the Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation in 2011.

Talbot will take the reins from interim chief Willie Richet, who was appointed after chief Russell Bono retired in February this year.

“It makes me proud to be working here, said Talbot, happily, addressing the room while standing at the lectern. “It makes me feel like it was something I worked hard for and I look forward to working with you all. It is going to be a great experience. Thank you very much.”

Town Watch organizer Doris Smith-Starks came to the lectern to welcome Talbot: “I just want to congratulate Mr. Talbot, and I do say and believe with all my heart and the spirit of god that he will do a great job,” she said.

Councilmen William Caldwell and Marlon Millner helped to oversee the process of finding a new police chief, said Simpson, and they narrowed the candidate pool from about 31 to six, and then to three.

“We felt between that and Safe Cities, who assisted us in the process, that he was the best man for the job,” said Simpson.

According to Simpson, Talbot’s experience in Reading should be helpful as he transitions into Norristown; the two municipalities are both urban, culturally-diverse communities, he said.

Simpson turned to chief Richet: “We thank chief Richet, staying in the community, and not leaving this community for the entire phase of his career.

“I thank you for all that you have done, added Simpson. “I thank you for some times when you probably didn’t want to do some things, but you had to do them,” he said.


Brownhound November 08, 2013 at 10:19 AM
So, We got a new chief. Can we get some benchmarks from like.... Within 90 days he will...... fill in the blank Or at least get back to community policing... Put some cops on a foot/bike patrol in the higher crime areas then surround those cops with patrol cars in outlying circles.... Its kind of simple i know but those that walk away from the beat cops walk to the patrol cars.... they see cops everywhere and it forces their hand... Also I think the insurance/registration check points would be a good idea to bring back just do them between 8pm and 11 pm. I am willing to bet you would round up alot of people on warrants and probably some nice unregistered guns.... just a thought....happy friday!
GentrifyNow November 08, 2013 at 06:34 PM
I concur with Brownhound's suggestions. Can we get an occasional patrol walk-through in some of the dark alleys late on Fridays or Saturdays, especially near that den of drug dealers and prostitutes called Rahills?
Shae Ashe November 08, 2013 at 08:31 PM
We, as the community, should organize a forum to discuss Brownhound's points and other suggestions the community has. Great ideas, now let's reach out to the dept. to work with them on a safer community! Welcome Mr. Talbot!


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