Eagleville Hospital Staff React Quickly to Minor Chemical Spill

A reported evacuation of an Eagleville Hospital lab was immediately placed under control.

Eagleville Hospital staff quickly took control of a minor chemical spill that occurred in a lab on its campus, approximately 10 – 11 a.m., Oct. 3.

According to Charles Folks, Eagleville Hospital director of community relations, the chemical spill may have been accidental in nature, as a lone lab technician discovered it, during a routine preventive maintenance inspection of the lab.  

Eagleville Hospital is located at 100 Eagleville Road.

The spill has been reported to be Potassium dichromate, a typical lab chemical.

According to Sandra Kaskay, Eagleville Hospital director of nursing, the lab technician discovered the spill from a leaking bottle, after opening a rarely-used lab cupboard.  She confirmed that the chemical spill was non-lethal.

Although Folks further explained that the spill was a mere 4-by-4-inches in diameter, Eagleville hospital protocol required the lab technician to evacuate the facility, and for that the lab be sealed off.

Folks said that the hospital’s in-house hazmat team arrived on-scene by noon and that the scene would be cleared shortly after.

Ntowngal October 16, 2012 at 06:47 PM
"In-House" HazMat Team????


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