Eagleville Man Charged with Unlawful Restraint of his Wife

Police have charged a man on the 800 block of Mourning Dove Road with terrorizing his wife.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Lower Providence Police detective division initiated an investigation involving the alleged unlawful restraint of a woman residing at the 800 block of Mourning Dove Road in Eagleville.

The investigation began Aug. 20 with police interviewing several neighbors concerning the activities of the female resident after a neighbor received a phone call from the woman's mother, who said her daughter was being terrorized and being held against her will at the house.

According to neighbors, the mother said her daughter was afraid of contacting police, as her husband may kill her and anyone else who came to the house. Neighbors also said that they heard screaming and a male living at the house threatening her with violence. According to all neighbors interviewed, none have ever seen the woman who lives at the address.

Lower Providence Police also interviewed the mother, who said that the woman's husband had been abusing her mentally and physically.

Officers arrived at the house in the early evening. The female did not directly respond to knocking by police, instead she called 9-1-1 saying she was “OK.” A Lower Providence Police detective did make contact with the female via a phone conversation, during which she told the detective that she had not been outside her home for over a year. 

Police eventually entered the home and say the woman was obviously malnourished and weak and showed signs of physical abuse. She told police that her husband was emotionally, verbally and physically abusive to her. The woman also said that such abuse had occurred for the last ten years, but she was afraid to go to authorities.

Police report that the room she occupied was devoid of furniture, except a small television. There were also indications of extremely unsanitary living conditions.

While police were conducting the investigation, the husband, identified as 42-year-old Christopher Flad, was seen driving in a blue Jeep toward his home. But instead of stopping, he passed by the house.  

Police later interviewed Flad, who said he acted as his wife’s sole care giver.

According to the affidavit, when asked if Flad had ever hit or struck his wife, he replied, “No, I don’t think so.”

Police found that the woman was living in conditions, “not fit for human” and was extremely afraid of her husband due to the ongoing patterns of abuse.

Flad was charged with Terroristic Threats with the Intention to Terrorize Another, Stalking, Unlawful Restraint/Involuntary Servitude, False Imprisonment, Recklessly Endangering Another Person and other related charges.


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