KoP Kitten Killer Pleads Guilty

Vincent Anthony Gambone pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in connection with a July 1 incident in the home of his girlfriend's mother.

According to The Times Herald, a King of Prussia man charged in connection with the rage-fueled killing of his girlfriend's mother's kitten pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in court on Monday.

Twenty three year-old Vincent Anthony Gambone, of the 800 block of Hamlet Circle, reportedly admitted to hitting the kitten with a grabbing device on July 1 of this year. Gambone is currently undergoing treatment in a court-ordered behavioral health program.

The owner of the kitten reportedly discovered Gambone in her bedroom, standing over the lifeless body of the kitten with the "grabber" in his hand. She reportedly told police she had been trying to keep the kitten away from Gambone, who was her daughter's boyfriend.

"He’s enthusiastic in getting the treatment he needs and confident it will have an impact on is life, but also on those around him," Gambone's attorney, Brooks Thompson, reportedly said. "When you have someone with mental health issues, there’s not always a whole lot of rhyme or reason for doing things. He’s upset that, in this case, it got to that point."

Read more about the incident here.


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