Midnight Car Accident at Main & Markley Sends Four to Hospitals

At least one victim was flown by medevac to HUP while three others were transported to nearby Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.

A two-car collision at Main and Markley streets shortly after midnight sent four men to the hospital – one by medevac – for treatment of their injuries.

An officer from the Norristown Police Department was in the parking lot at the rear of the McDonald's at Main and Markley streets at 12:03 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 7, speaking to an individual who had flagged him down when the men heard a loud crash. As the officer rushed to the scene, several witnesses were running towards him to report the crash.

The officer came upon the scene and discovered two cars that had obviously been involved in the crash resting in the northbound lane of Markley Street directly in front of the northeast corner. The first vehicle, a silver 2012 Volkswagon Jetta, was facing westbound, blocking the right-hand lane. The second vehicle, a blue 2001 Hyundai Accura, was facing southbound in the left-hand lane. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage in the crash. A witness later told police that the force of the impact had caused the second vehicle to be lifted into the air and land several feet from the initial impact.

The officer saw an unidentified male victim lying face down on the ground next to the Accura. The man appeared to have been ejected from his car. The officer attempted to make contact with the victim but he was unresponsive and bleeding from the head.

While awaiting emergency medical response, the officer made contact with the driver of the Jetta and his three passengers. While taking the driver's information, the officer reportedly detected the odor of alcohol coming from the driver. The 21-year-old male driver reportedly told police that he and his friends had just left the Bridgeport Rib House where he had consumed three beers.

The driver reportedly told police that he was travelling northbound on Markley from the Dannehower Bridge at approximately 60 miles per hour and did not see the red light at the intersection of Main and Markley until he was almost to the intersection. The driver stated he attempted to swerve to the left in an attempt to slow down and made contact with the second vehicle, which was travelling east on Main Street through the intersection.

The driver of the second vehicle was unconscious and unable to provide an account of the accident. The officer noted that prior to hearing the crash, he did not hear any screeching of tires that would indicate someone attempting to brake at high speed.

Two passengers of the striking vehicle, both 18-year-old young men, were transported to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (ENCM) by Plymouth Ambulance for treatment of apparent minor injuries, thought the extent of their injuries were unknown. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to the grounds of the State Hospital for medevac to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Police were able to locate the owner of the second vehicle who identified the unconscious driver and explained that he had left the owner's home on the east end of town to giver her son a ride from his work to a friend's house in the West End. He was last known to be returning to her home when the accident occurred.

Police conducted several field sobriety tests on the driver of the striking vehicle, all of which he reportedly passed. He was asked to submit blood and consented. The driver was transported to EMCM to have blood drawn and to be examined for his injuries. The driver had complained of double vision and a sore neck prior to the field sobriety tests. He was not taken into custody, pending results of the blood work.

The driver admitted to violating the vehicle code regarding traffic control signals. The red light violation will be included in any charges filed against the driver.

David R December 07, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Excellent coverage. Thank you.
jxjipper December 12, 2012 at 03:58 AM
Despite the alcohol related accident there should be a red light warning sign on the descent down the bridge when the signal at the crossing is within 10 seconds of changing red. Couple that along with working cameras, problem solved. A Democratic idea if there ever was one, see a problem, throw money at it, problem solved.


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