Norristown Renews Contract With 911 Safety Equipment

The Norristown-based business will continue to provide the local police department with uniforms and accessories.

With a contract renewal valued at nearly $30,000, the recently elected to stick with as their uniform and accessory provider for the foreseeable future.

Established in 2001, the locally-owned safety supply firm provides a full range of uniforms and safety equipment for members of the police and fire services, EMS and rescue workers and even military units at home and abroad.

"It felt great to find out that Norristown Police Department was staying with us," said Nick Marzano, a senior account manager with 911 Safety Equipment. "The Norristown Police Department and the Norristown Fire Department were the original reason we started selling uniforms."

According to Marzano, the firm chose to open up shop in Norristown due to its centralized location in Montgomery County, which it views as its primary market. Marzano added that they've had a good working relationship with the Norristown Police Department for the nine years that they've been located within the borough.

While securing local contracts brings great joy to 911 Safety Equipment, they've also been awarded with many out-of-state and federal contracts.

"We have hundreds of fire departments, police departments and emergency medical services departments that work with us in the Tri-State area," said Marzano. "Nationally, we supply hundreds of federal government facilities with safety equipment as well."

In addition to offering equipment and uniforms, the supply firm also contains a cleaning division which can clean and repair various pieces of equipment with only a 72-hour turnaround time. They also provide customers with a huge inventory of items on their website, and they welcome foot traffic to their store at 329 East Main Street in Norristown.

For more information on 911 Safety Equipment, visit their website at www.911se.com.


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