Norristown Police to Have Three New Vehicles

The Ford Explorers will be marked as police vehicles.

Norristown’s municipal council approved a motion for the lease purchase of three new Norristown police vehicles at their Tuesday night meeting, voting for three Ford Explorers that will be marked as police vehicles.

The police vehicles have a police interceptor package with police lights and other law enforcement features.

Robert Glisson, Director of Public Works, said that police lieutenant Richard Clowser worked hard on the matter, and Glisson worked with the vendors.

“We need the necessary vehicles for our busy police force,” Glisson said.

He said that they will be marked police vehicles. They will pay the first installment of the lease this year, which comes out of the police budget.

Norristown’s new police chief, Mark E. Talbot, Sr., said that he was surprised that some of the municipality’s police cars had around 140,000 miles on them. Tuesday’s meeting was his first full council meeting as Norristown’s police chief.

“It’s extremely unusual for police vehicles to be driven past that. In urban policing, 140,000 miles is something that is not done,” Talbot said.



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