OMG PD: DUI Suspect Cops to Pot in Pants

This week's stories include a man whose DUI lead to additional drug charges, an incident of criminal mischief that lead to a sewage overflow and the Applebee's Ceiling Bandit being sentenced to prison.

DUI Suspect Cops to Pot in Pants: According to a report in the Abington Patch, a 42-year-old man is facing charges of DUI and drug possession after he drove his car onto a lawn on Tyson Avenue. When questioned by police, the reportedly intoxicated man said "I got two quarters down my pants,” and “There’s some bud in the visor.”, which lead to additional charges. Read the full story here.

Criminal Mischief Leads to Sewage Overflow: According to a report in the Perkiomen Valley Patch, the Pennsylvania State Police are searching for the suspect(s) responsible for flooding the grounds of Miller Environmental with sewage. The report states that the suspect(s) gained access to the grounds by unknown means, and tampered with several valves to cause the sewage overflow. Read the full story here.

Applebee's Ceiling Bandit Receives Prison Sentence: According to a report in the Limerick Patch, a man who unsuccessfully tried to rob an Applebee's by hiding in the ceiling will spend the near future locked away in prison. Read the full story here.

Husband Strikes Wife with Dog Gate for Spurning Sexual Advances: According to a report in the Pottstown Patch, a Barto man is facing multiple charges after he struck his wife with a dog gate when she refused to succumb to his sexual advances. The incident wasn't reported until a few days later, when the man chased his wife around the house because she wouldn't accept his apology. Read the full story here.

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