OMG PD: Violent Valentine Leads to Arrest of Montco Man

This week's stories include a violent valentine leading to the arrest of a Montco man, an alleged armed father-son duo accused of stealing a cart full of groceries and a man who accidentally triggered a bomb scare by parking his car.

Violent Valentine Leads to Arrest of Montco Man: According to a report in the Perkiomen Valley Patch, a 30-year-old man is facing a lengthy list of charges after he allegedly followed his wife to work to deliver his "Valentine."

The report states that when police encountered the man, they found items in his possession including cable restraints, ammunition, arrowheads, a machete, a Kevlar helmet and vest, guns, and a Valentine's Day card depicting 39 "forms of violence and killing." Read the full story here.

Armed Father-Son Duo Steals Cart of Groceries, Police Say: According to a report in the Ambler Patch, an alleged armed father-son duo was arrested after allegedly attempting to steal a cart filled with groceries from Giant.

When confronted by the store manager in the parking lot, the father allegedly pulled out a knife and attacked the manager, causing a minor laceration. After the physical altercation, the son allegedly struck the manager with his vehicle before the duo fled the scene. Read the full story here.

Parked Car at Police Station Triggers Bomb Scare: According to a report in the Norristown Patch, a Bridgeport man who parked his car outside of a police station while paying off tickets inadvertently triggered a bomb scare.

The report states that police found the vehicle "suspicious," which led to the bomb squad and bomb-sniffing dogs being called out. Though no bomb was recovered, police did charge the man with "numerous offenses" after allegedly discovering weapons while searching for the suspected bomb. Read the full story here.

Man Tips Police Off to His Stash by Locking Car During Pedestrian Stop: According to a report in the Norristown Patch, a 21-year-old man is facing drug charges after he allegedly tipped off police to the location of his stash.

Police initially stopped the man because he allegedly exhibited suspicious behavior in a high crime area. The report states that as police questioned the man, he became nervous and used a remote in his pocket to lock the doors on his car, which was illegally parked nearby.

A visual search of the vehicle from the outside uncovered 20 grams of cocaine, the report states. Read the full story here.

Car Alarm Leads to Forgery Bust: According to a report in the Abington Patch, a 20-year-old woman is facing felony forgery charges after a car alarm disrupted what would have been an otherwise successful day of crime.

Police noticed a blaring car alarm in the parking lot of Target, and as they approached the vehicle, they also noticed a strong smell of burnt marijuana, the report states. After arresting the driver of the vehicle on drug charges, a subsequent search of the glove box allegedly uncovered counterfeit travelers checks—much like the ones the woman had just used to make a large purchase from Target.

Police stated that the woman was taken into custody, where they would later discover four more of the  fraudulent travelers checks concealed in her bra. Read the full story here.

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