Philadelphia Man Testifies PCP Fueled His Bungled One-Night Crime Spree

Kyante Marquel Blakely reportedly pleaded guilty to robbery, assault and weapons charges stemming from a series of incidents on Aug. 27.

According to The Times Herald, a Philadelphia man testified that he was high on PCP the night he made several violent, but unsuccessful, robbery attempts in West Norriton and Norristown in August of 2012.

Twenty one-year-old Kyante Marquel Blakely, reportedly pleaded guilty Tuesday to robbery, aggravated assault and related firearms charges in a Montgomery County Court.

According to police records, Blakely had attempted to rob two Papa Guido's pizza delivery men making a delivery in West Norriton late Tuesday night, Aug. 27, 2012, but the men drove off as the masked and armed Blakely approached their car. Blakely reportedly managed to fire off a shot and hit the car as the men drove away.

Blakely was already a suspect in that crime when a few hours later he arrived in the 500 block of West Marshall Street and encountered his next potential victim walking home. Blakely allegedly walked up beside him, stuck a black handgun in his abdomen and stated, "Give me all your money and everything in your pockets."

The victim told police that Blakely moved the gun to his head and then to his mouth and at that point Blakely and his victim arrived at the victim's home on West Marshall and encountered a relative in front of the house. Blakely reportedly turned the gun on the second man and said, "F--- you, Mexican. Give me your money."

During the attempted robbery, Blakely dropped his gun while trying to strike one of the victims and during the ensuing struggle, two passers-by allegedly grabbed the gun and took off running.

Blakely's attorney, Dennis Caglia, reportedly told the court that Blakely was a young mane who "is remorseful and he’s very lucid about what he did and the repercussions of his actions."

Read more about the case against Blakely here. Read more about his one-night crime spree here.


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