Pierce Testifies He's Innocent of Teen's Murder

Defendant Brendan Pierce testified that he did not kill Dominique Devlin.

According to The Times Herald, testimony in the trial of 20-year-old Brendan Pierce continued on Tuesday with the defendant taking the stand to tell his version of events on the night  in Norristown.

Pierce reportedly told the court that he had met with Devlin that night to engage in a sex act, but the pair was interrupted by an unidentified figure and Pierce was hit over the head, doused with bleach and robbed. Pierce reportedly said he heard the gunshots, but did not kill Devlin.

Prosecutors allege that Pierce did, in fact, kill Devlin, with whom he reportedly had had a relationship at one time. They say that Devlin's murder was in retaliation for her involvement in an .

Read more about the trial here.


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