Police: a Man Said He Was Shot in His Hand During a Struggle

The alleged victim told police that a man pointed a gun at him and he tried to grab it.

Several 9mm bullets. Credit: Mischa Arnosky
Several 9mm bullets. Credit: Mischa Arnosky

On Dec. 28 around 1:24 a.m. Norristown police went to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery to speak to an alleged gunshot victim who had a gunshot in his left hand, around the area of his palm, according to a Norristown police report.

The victim told police that he lives in the 700 block of Astor Street in Norristown. He said that, around 12 a.m. he exited his building to put trash in March Alley, then came back to the front of his building and saw what he thought were friendly neighbors along the street, towards Elm Street.

He began to walk towards them, but after he passed about five houses he said that he saw that it was not the neighbors he thought they were.

He told police that, as he turned to go back to his home, he saw a chunky, short male come towards him. The person wore all black, with a black hoodie covering his face and black pants. The victim told police that the male showed a gun that the victim thinks may be a big, dark-colored revolver but is not absolutely sure, and ordered the victim to “Give it up!”

The victim told police that he grabbed the gun with his left hand and they began to struggle. The gun discharged into the victim’s left hand.

He told police that he became discombobulated and was not quite sure what happened next. He did not have a clear look at the male but he believes that he was African American and about 20 years old.

The victim’s fiancée drove him to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. She told police that she did not hear or see anything from the street by their home.

Norristown officers found blood outside of the victim’s residence, and, also on the 700 block of Astor Street, a ripped, blue wax heroin bag that contained no heroin on the pavement.

Another officer out on a different call reported the sound of what may have been gunshots around 12:10-12:20 a.m., which might possibly have a link to the incident in question, according to the report.



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