Police: Woman Arrested Over Cab Fare Vomits and Strips Clothes Off

A woman told police that she took a cab from the Valley Forge Casino Resort knowing that she had no money, police say.

A woman arrested over cab fare was taken to the police station, where she was said to have cursed, vomited and taken all of her clothes off.

On Sunday around 12:44 a.m., a Norristown police officer went to the Cigar Factory apartments at the 300 block of West Marshall Street to investigate an issue involving a cab driver and his passenger, according to police.

The officer arrived and spoke to the cab driver, who told him that he had picked up a passenger, identified as Nikisha Joseph, at the Valley Forge Casino Resort. After he had driven her to Norristown and asked for $25 for her fare, she said that she did not have any money, according to a Norristown police report.

Joseph told the officer that she got into the cab knowing that she did not have money with her, and that she did not have money at her home, either. The officer encouraged Joseph to call a friend for money, but Joseph said that there was no one she could call.

Joseph appeared to be very intoxicated, say police. She smelled of alcohol, was slurring her speech, and could not walk steadily. Police arrested her for theft of services for the cab fair.

Police took Joseph to the police station, and placed her in a cell. Around 1:50 a.m., EMS came to the station to see how they could help after Joseph vomited in the cell and became hysterical, say police.

She refused medical treatment and the EMS did not remove her from the station. After she was asked to sign a refusal form, Joseph responded by cursing, and so a police employee signed as a witness.

For sanity reasons police moved Joseph to a new cell, where she took all of her clothes off and threw them away.




aggie January 16, 2014 at 12:19 PM
What cab company was this


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