Recent Norristown Shootings May Be Connected to Unsolved Homicide

Police are still investigating a recent spree of shootings that may be connected to the Oct. 20 murder of Ryan Ladson-Singleton.

Police are investigating a string of recent shootings in Norristown that may stem from the unsolved shooting death of 21-year-old Ryan Ladson-Singleton in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 20.

According to Norristown Police Detective Lt. Michael Crescitelli, police have questioned two men involved in an alleged . 

The victim of that shooting, a Philadelphia man, is currently at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and will reportedly need surgery for the gunshot wound to the abdomen allegedly sustained in the Friday night shoot out. The man's injuries are serious, but he is expected to survive them.

According to Lt. Crescitelli, the man told police he was shot during a robbery attempt at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. Police say the evidence suggests he was shot in the 1100 block of West Airy Street incident. He is reportedly not cooperating with the investigation.

Police also questioned a 21-year-old Norristown man who is believed to have been involved in the Friday night shoot out. The suspect reportedly told police that he was sitting in a vehicle in that neighborhood when he was shot at by a Philadelphia man he identified as the same gunshot wound victim. He denies having returned fire, but police reportedly recovered shell casings from inside the car. They also observed bullet holes in the vehicle. 

The suspect reportedly went on to say that he was shot at early Wednesday morning in the area of Arch and East Oak streets. Bullet holes found in the suspect's vehicle may be from that incident. According to Lt. Crescitelli, the suspect told police he believed there was a contract on his life relating to the murder of Ryan Ladson-Singleton. It is unclear what the nature of the suspect's involvement in that crime might be.

Authorities obtained a warrant to search the suspect's home and reportedly recovered two .25 caliber handguns, a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition and drug paraphernalia. Police have not yet released information on any charges against the suspect.

The investigation is ongoing, but police believe that the two shootings on Friday evening and those on Wednesday, Dec. 19, are related. Extra patrols have been instituted for the affected areas and authorities are asking for the public's help in solving this recent outbreak of violence.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact the Norristown Police Department at 610-270-0977.


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I think everyone here is fake and you should be helping with the investigation instead of making it go different directions.
tiyanna March 17, 2013 at 08:38 PM
My cousin is in peace now just leave it alone


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