Scarlett Found Guilty of Kidnapping, Terroristic Threats

Scarlett held his brother-in-law captive and tortured him in retribution for "snitching" on him to police.

According to The Times Herald, 25-year-old Rayon Scarlett was found guilty on Monday of charges of kidnapping, conspiracy and terroristic threats in connection with a March 2008 incident in which Scarlett and three other men held Khanneil Headley, Scarlett's brother-in-law, at gunpoint. Headley testified the men tied him up and threatened to get "rid of him" in retribution for his cooperation with police in a previous investigation into Scarlett's alleged drug- and gun-related crimes.

Scarlett's lawyer claimed his client was not present when Headley was accosted.

"My client’s name does not show up at all in [Headley’s] initial report," Keith A. Harbison, defense attorney, reportedly told the court. "His name is not even in the search warrant. This case is full of reasonable doubt. Headley’s testimony could not be confirmed. It has all kinds of credibility problems. He tells so many lies, he cannot tell which one is the truth."

Sentencing was reportedly deferred and Scarlett was remanded to Montgomery County Correctional Facility without bail according to the Herald.

Read more about the case here.


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