School Bus Hit Utility Pole in Norristown, Say Police

Police are investigating the incident that occurred near Gotwals Elementary School.

The school bus and pole. Photo submitted by Derrick Jones
The school bus and pole. Photo submitted by Derrick Jones

A school bus hit a utility pole at Swede Street and Oak Street in Norristown on Friday, according to Norristown Police, who, at 2 p.m. were investigating the incident.

According to Norristown fire chief Thomas M. O’Donnell, whose fire department responded to the incident, a telephone pole and its live wires came down on the school bus, which he said was unoccupied. The incident occurred at approximately 12:59 p.m.

“The wires were energized but there was no fire,” he said. 

The pole also damaged a limousine that had been part of a funeral procession at the time, and three people involved with the funeral were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The fire department called PECO, who de-engergized the wires. The nearby Gotwals Elementary School was put on lockdown and PECO is now working to restore energy in the area, said O’Donnell.

The secretary of Gotwals told Patch that their power had gone out but they were unharmed. “We are all ok. Everybody is fine. They are just taking care of it outside,” she said.









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