Shots Fired at Kohn St. Home Take Out Window, TV

Police recovered 13 shells fired from two different weapons at the scene.

According to a report from the Norristown Police Department, a homeowner on the 600 block of Kohn Street reported that shots were fired at her house at approximately 2:20 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The victim's front window, television and wall all sustained damage from gunshots.

Police recovered a total of 13 shells from the scene, originating from two different weapons. Neighbors report being awoken by the sounds of the gunfire, but no one reported seeing the shooters.

The victim reportedly told police she has no known enemies and does not know why anyone would shoot at her house. 

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Norristown Police at 610-270-0977.

Joe Blow October 25, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Yea blame the Police...sure. Dont blame the people who know who the shooters, killers and drug dealers are but who refuse to help because snitching aint cool. Dont blame the deceased's "best friends" who were right there and who saw and know the killer but dont tell the Police anything. Police are NOT the problem here,.
OMG October 25, 2012 at 03:27 PM
@Steve and Joe Blow I couldn't agree more with what you posted. If parents be parents instead of "freindly or cool" with your kids I think alot of this would stop. For some its too late because now the child just does not have ny respect. I always checked and check for the one's left in the home because I'm not playing that and nothing is coming or getting hidden in my home. I will tell on them myself just as I had always let them know that. Joe Blow, right, what kind of friend is that? One I wouldn't consider being a friend. Police are the problem when they condone actions of one's who they let cut a deal for not being criminated themselves for the crimes they have done. I wonder do the DA's know of the busts and deals some of them (criminals) get in order to help them convict another because that allows them to continue their crimes and also invite and hang out with the philadelphians whom they ride around scoping out where people live then to find the house shot up. Come on if its out here I'm sure they have to know. That's why many of these shootings go unsolved because of that.
Datsme! October 29, 2012 at 02:56 AM
@OMG,STEVE and Joe, I think that the parents had these children so young that they were more so trying to be thier friend growing up versus being a parent. How could they be a parent, they were young them selves. Grandmom was probably always watching the kids, cause mom was too busy partying. 9/10 the young parent didn't finish high school and in turn thier off spring couldn't excel in school because mom or dad could help with homework. Its a ripple effect that started from a child giving birth to another child.
rob johns November 29, 2012 at 07:02 PM
do what I'm doing take a cruise
Buddy McCartney January 04, 2013 at 01:05 AM
Grew up on kohn st nice place to grow up in late sixties early seventys back in the day everyone minded their buisness us kids played like hell outside climbing trees playing tackle football on the streets and other stuff to burn our energy up but most important things is that the adults had a close watch over the kids and made sure no harm was around them cause when I say it was a peaceful place to live that's what I mean the elders kept everything in check scared by no means guess the elders don't take care of things now let the kids fend for themselves well this is what ya hve no ones in charge fixin to drop by my old stompin grounds soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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