UPDATE: Carolynne Masters Found Unharmed

Masters' sister Janine Picard said she was contacted by a Facebook user who saw a post about the missing woman.

Carolynne Masters was located by police Friday evening staying with a friend at an Elm Street apartment in Norristown. She was reportedly unharmed.

Masters' family had not heard from the 35-year-old mother of two since Monday and David Masters, Carolynne's husband, reported her missing to police on Wednesday. Her sister, Janine Picard, was the last person to speak to her before she disappeared.

"We talked Monday right before noon," said Picard. "When we spoke she was heading to the police station to pay a parking ticket."

after seeing a Facebook post by Picard and reported on the woman's disappearance. The Times Herald also reported the story and both news organizations used Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

According to Picard, the media attention paid off. Within hours of both media outlets disseminating the story on Facebook and Twitter, a Facebook user contacted Picard after seeing a post about the missing woman and told her where Masters was staying.

"Between [Norristown Patch] and The Times Herald... it went viral," said Picard. "It reached who it needed to reach – it fell on the ears and the eyes of the people who needed to see it."

According to Picard, at the same time she was getting a Facebook message about her missing sister's whereabouts, the police were locating Masters after finding her car and knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

Masters was discovered, unharmed, in an apartment on the 800 block of West Elm Street. She had reportedly been staying with a friend.

Norristown Police Chief Russell Bono told The Times Herald that the woman told officers she went missing voluntarily and no charges will be filed against her.

“She has not committed any crime,” Bono told The Herald.

Picard has yet to speak with her sister and still has no idea why the woman chose to leave her husband and children and not contact anyone for a week.

"I don't know much," said Picard. "I just know that she's alive."

Read more about the woman's disappearance and her return on The Times Herald's website.

Denise Thomas March 10, 2012 at 05:52 PM


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