Woman Rear-Ended After Stopping for Deer, Police Say

According to police, the Norristown man who hit a woman's car later fled.

A Whitemarsh Police Ford Interceptor sits in the Whitemarsh Police Department parking lot.
A Whitemarsh Police Ford Interceptor sits in the Whitemarsh Police Department parking lot.

Written by Mischa Arnosky

A Norristown man has been charged following an alleged hit-and-run near the corner of Germantown Pike and Thornhiill Drive in Whitemarsh on Wednesday. 

Armando Bautista Ledo, 28, of the 400 block of Marshall Street, Norristown, was arrested Jan. 8 shortly before 10 p.m. after he allegedly rear-ended a woman who stopped her vehicle due to a deer running across the street. 

According to police, Ledo, who was driving a dark green Mitsubishi Eclipse, crashed into the 37-year old victim's vehicle, exited the vehicle, but when he was asked for his insurance information, he fled westbound on Ridge Pike.  

Police stopped Ledo near the corner of Ridge and Butler pikes; his car had minor front-end damage, police said. 

According to police, Ledo initially would not answer whether he was involved in a crash, but later said he hit the other vehicle and fled because he "got scared because he didn't have a license."

Ledo was charged with accidents involving damage to an attended vehicle; driving without a license; and careless driving. 

Ledo's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 22 before District Justice Deborah Lukens; he was unable to post bail, according to court documents. 


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