Council Hears Proposal for Retirement Community on Former Kennedy-Kenrick Site

The company developing the project is asking for a text amendment to the current zoning ordinance to allow for a garden apartment zone.

According to The Times Herald, Norristown Municipal Council heard a proposal on Tuesday night from Pottstown-based developers Hallman Retirement Neighborhoods (HRN) to build a senior housing development on the site of the former Kennedy-Kenrick High School. 

Gary Gearhart, chief operating officer of HRN, and Carrie Nase, an attorney for the company outlined the plans for the project which would include:

  • 46 housing units in the already-existing high school building;
  • 3 three-story buildings that would hold 39 units each;
  • 28 ranch-style homes;
  • Parking for 246 vehicles.

The three additional multi-unit buildings would be constructed at the corner of DeKalb Street and Johnson Highway, behind the high school and on the site of the school's parking lot on Arch Street.

"Most of us think this will be a great development," Council President Gary Simpson told the Herald. "It will put a property on the tax roles and it will add to the community."

Nase outlined the company's request for a large part of the land to be rezoned to garden apartment zoning. The company hopes the rezoning will be completed by the end of July and the land-development approved by the end of the year.

Read more details of the project here.


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