County Garage on Main Street in Dire Need of Repair

The commissioners approved an emergency analysis of the structure at last week's meeting.

The county's repairs bill is mounting. As we pointed out last week, the commissioners had their hands full with . At last week's meeting, they also delved into needed repairs at the county's nearby parking garage.

According to phillyBurbs.com, Montgomery County Commissioners approved a $94,200 emergency contract award to Chester County-based firm McCormick Taylor to do a structional analysis of the county's parking garage on Main Street directly across from the .

The 400-space garage is used daily by county employees, jurors and other visitors to the courthouse, but the structure is over 25 years old and workers replacing lights in the garage recently reportedly noticed cracks and rust on steel beams. The initial inspection resulted in the closure of a concrete stairwell that was observed to be crumbling.

"There could be a significant public safety issue if the matter is not immediately addressed," County Solicitor Ray McGarry told phillyBurbs.com.

That said, nothing in the initial inspection suggested that the problems were severe enough to shut the garage down according to Commissioner Josh Shapiro.

"If we find out at any juncture that it is unsafe for cars to park there, we will immediately shut it down," Shapiro reportedly said.

According to phillyBurbs.com, the county has planned to spend $6.5 million for repairs at the garage in the next few years, but they'll know more after the analysis is done.

They've also reportedly earmarked $35 million for windows and structural repairs to One Montgomery Plaza and $17.58 million for water problems and reconstruction at the parking garage attached to the courthouse.

Read the full story here.


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MzPaula May 07, 2012 at 01:55 PM
The magnificent hotel they tore down to build this structure was probably 100 years old. And this monstrocity is already falling apart? I hope our current county planners have more forsight than our previous ones who tore down the hotel and the theatres. And dumped all of the social services in Norristown and actually caused most of the moral decay and decline aesthetically,socially and physically. The morale of those of us who have been fighting to keep this town a great place to live is so low.


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