Democrats Pick Up Four Seats in Pa. Senate

Pennsylvania Democrats achieved a historic swing in the state Senate on Tuesday.

Democrats picked up net three state Senate seats Tuesday – their biggest gain since 1970 and the largest swing since the GOP won four seats in 1994, according to a PoliticsPa report.

The party went three for three in open seats, picking up districts formerly held by Republicans. A post on PoliticsPa states:

"The big night will immediately shift the balance of power in the Senate, where Republicans had held a 30 to 20 majority. Now, they’ll have 27 seats to 23 for the Democrats.

The math is important. The Senate Republicans have consistently tempered more conservative legislative efforts from House Republicans, in part because the Senate caucus contains half a dozen moderates – mostly from southeast Pennsylvania. Now, they’ll have to moderate even more to maintain the party line."

Read the report to find out which Democrats won the formerly GOP seats.


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