Estimated $1 Million for Jenkins Avenue Sewer Work

Additional sanitary and storm sewer work is proposed for the project. The Lansdale Public Works Committee is expected to make a recommendation soon on proceeding with engineering work on the project

A preliminary proposal from borough engineer Remington, Vernick and Beach estimates a price tag of more than $1 million

"We asked (borough engineer) Remington, Vernick and Beach to go back and look at a broader proposal for a number of items we felt important to work on, specifically some additional sanitary and storm sewer work in there," said Public Works Committee Chairman Denton Burnell at council's Wednesday work session. "It does come with a very hefty price tag."

The Jenkins Avenue issue became a stinky one for one resident at Jenkins Avenue and Chestnut Street last year. He came to the public works committee to notify the borough that he was getting sewage pushed back up into his yard because of infiltration and high flow.

It has to go.

"All work is going to remediate the Jenkins problem," Burnell said Wednesday night after the council meeting. "If we're going to be digging things up, let's look at other sanitary and storm sewer things we should improve in the area."

Borough engineer Remington, Vernick and Beach did an initial flow study in the area. They were also asked to assess work on a broader scale.

"(The proposal) is taking information generated out of the story and expanding on that, as to additional storm sewer work that should be included in the project," said utilities director Jake Ziegler at Wednesday's public works committee meeting. "There's also additional sanitary sewer work that should be done in the block from Chestnut to Line Street."

Ziegler said the next step is to get more detailed information from the proposal to the public works committee, as well as to borough finance director Brian Shapiro.

"There's the scenario of how this could potentially play into the budget," Ziegler said. "Assuming the committee wants to proceed, there will likely be authorization from public works to work on the engineering on the project."

Public Works Committee member Mike Sobel said the $1 million estimation was not a surprise.

"We have good idea of what is under there and what do with it," Sobel said.

Ziegler said back in August that the sewer line on Jenkins Avenue is connected to a pumping station at Pennbrook Avenue. 

"In effect, that line, at some point in time, carries a lot of flow from as far as Knapp Road, all the way down to Pennbrook Avenue and Cherry Street, and the area by the Fourth Street Pool," Ziegler said.


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