Judge Considers Lifting 770 Sandy Street Condemnation Order

Lawyers for the municipality are expected to ask a judge to lift the order at a hearing scheduled for Thursday.

According to The Times Herald, a lawyer representing the municipality in the 770 Sandy Street condemnation matter is expected to ask the judge to lift the order at hearing scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 16, at Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

The necessary repairs and inspections were reportedly completed three months ago and have all been documented in a letter from Yerkes Associates written in late June. According to the Herald, costs for repairs, legal bills and other related expenses are almost $2 million.

The Herald reports that officials have categorized the following expenses related to the project:

  • $1,218,261 for construction costs;
  • $237,846 for legal expenses;
  • $197,607 for inspection fees;
  • $132,996 for engineering costs;
  • $72,272 for pre-inspection demolition;
  • $59,518 in electric bills;
  • $17,386 for an unidentified study (presumably related to the project);
  • $14,195 for an elevator;
  • $8,175 in water bills;
  • $5,700, debris removal and cleaning costs;
  • $5,000 for tree removal fee;
  • $4,407 for a new security system;
  • $3,203 for unspecified personnel use;
  • $1,693 for bid advertising;
  • $1,233 in insurance fees;
  • $1,140 for a HVAC site survey;
  • $976 for plans;
  • $665 in maintenance costs;
  • $595 for unspecified repairs;
  • $383 for signs;
  • $319 for a locksmith service; and
  • $29 in zoning right-to-know fees.

Read more details about the case and the arguments before the judge in the upcoming hearing on The Times Herald's website.


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