Judge Lifts 770 Sandy Street Condemnation Order

Residents got their keys and certificate of occupancy on Friday.

According to The Times Herald, Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Bernard Moore lifted the more that two-year-old condemnation order on the Rittenhouse Club Condominium at 770 Sandy Street Friday morning.

Condo owners Terry Derby and Malick Kande told the Herald they were thrilled the ordeal was over as they received their keys and certificate of occupancy from Norristown Code Enforcement Manager Joe Januzelli on Friday.

"I’m so deliriously excited today," Derby said. "All I want to do is make this my home again. Everyone has been wonderful. Joe [Januzelli] and Tom Kelley have been wonderful through this. Malik has just been my rock."

Read more about the lifting of the order on the Herald's website.


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