Meehan Beats Badey to Retain 7th Congressional Seat

Representative Meehan earns second term.

U.S. Representative Patrick Meehan (R-7) won a second term Tuesday. With 98.8 percent of districts reporting statewide, unofficial state results showed the incumbent garnering 199,105 votes to Democratic challenger George Badey's 135,677.

Montgomery County election results showed Meehan winning by a lower margin in the county, collecting 56.6 percent of 71,881 votes cast.

The two squared off in a debate as recently as last Thursday, when Badey went on the offensive and criticized Meehan for his support for the Paul Ryan budget proposal and what it could mean for Medicare, PoliticsPa.com reported. Meehan responded by arguing that Medicare is currently on the path to bankruptcy, and is one of several areas in which the federal government is in need of fiscal reform.

According to PoliticsPA, Meehan seemed to have been confident as the race drew to a close, canceling TV ad space in the final weeks.

Meehan was elected to congress in 2010 after serving as the District Attorney in Delaware County and the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


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