Norristown in the Headlines

Hurricane Irene and the damage left in her wake is still dominating local coverage of Norristown by other media outlets around the Web.

(MCHD) is urging residents with wells in flooded areas to take precautions in the aftermath of . Wells found in low-lying areas can easily become contaminated with floodwater causing a public health hazard.

Residents are cautioned not to use wells until they’ve been tested for bacteria. The well might need to undergo shock chlorination if contaminated. MCHD’s public health laboratory offers free water testing.

For more information, contact the lab at 610-278-5117 or visit www.health.montcopa.org. You can find a full list of tips on The Mercury’s website.

reports that some Norristown residents are waiting for PECO to clear power lines of trees and debris from the weekend’s hurricane. Residents voiced concerns over the downed power lines and blocked sidewalks due to the many children that play in the area. As of Monday, calls to the borough were unreturned, and the issue was yet to be resolved.

CBS reported on the rising flood waters that are plaguing Norristown residents. Some were unsure whether they’d be able to return to their evacuated homes, like those in the on East Washington and DeKalb streets. Others were stuck with several inches of water in their basements.

Charlie Alba from Lou’s Cheesesteaks felt his only real problem was a flooded parking lot and said, “We think we escaped it pretty good here.”

Unsolved Crimes

Norristown Police Chief Russell Bono commented to The Times Herald about the string of home invasions challenging officers this summer. Intruders have seemed to target other criminals or Hispanic individuals reluctant to cooperate with police because of immigration status. Some victims fail to show up for preliminary hearings or later change stories to investigating detectives. As a result, police are having a hard time bringing criminals to justice.

Police are asking tipsters with any information on the identities of criminal suspects to call the at 610-270-0977. Identities are always kept confidential.

Fuel Costs and Firehouses

Philly.com reports on the rising fuel costs faced by fire companies, including Norristown Fire Company, one of the busiest in Montgomery County. Fuel prices are forcing corps to cut back on parade celebrations.

The Norristown Fire Company has had to sell equipment, including a water-rescue Jet Ski and three other vehicles in order to
lower maintenance costs. Norristown’s all-volunteer company depends on the municipality to fund the cost of fuel, but does its part to keep expenses as low as possible.

Call for Volunteers

The Herald reports that Norristown Area School District is looking for volunteers for the final celebratory event of the Roosevelt Stadium Sept. 30. Call Anne Rohricht at 610-630-5006 to help the newly formed Roosevelt Stadium Celebration Committee.

Want to read more news about Norristown from other media sources? Check out Monday's .


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