State Transportation Commission Updates 12-Year Transportation Program

The commission expects that $41.6 billion being available over the next 12 years for improvements to roads, bridges, transit systems, airports and railroads.

According to a release issued by the State Transportation Commission, the commission recently approved an update to Pennsylvania's 12-Year Transportation Program, which anticipates $41.6 billion being available over the next 12 years for improvements to roads, bridges, transit systems, airports and railroads.

"PennDOT is working very hard to make the most of every available dollar," said PennDOT Secretary and Commission Chairman Barry J. Schoch. "This plan, which was developed in partnership with all regions of Pennsylvania, focuses on preserving our current infrastructure while living with the reality of flat or reduced federal and state revenues."

The newly adopted 12-Year Program, which takes effect Oct. 1, anticipates the following money being available in the first four years:

  • Just over $9 billion for highway and bridge projects;
  • $5.4 billion for public transit;
  • $360 million for aviation; 
  • $204 million for state rail-freight systems.

"PennDOT is committed to implementing cost-saving efforts and modernization practices that make sense and help us stretch Pennsylvania's limited resources," said Schoch.

Eight Rural Planning Organizations and 15 Metropolitan Planning Organizations partnered with PennDOT in the review and development of the update. It will now be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration for review and approval. The Federal Highway Administration coordinates with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to review the plan’s conformity with air quality requirements.

Highway funds listed in the 12-Year Program are distributed statewide using a formula that weighs population, lane miles and vehicle miles traveled. Bridge funds are distributed based on the condition of each region's structures.

The commission consists of 10 appointed citizens and the majority and minority chairpersons of the state House and Senate Transportation committees.

State law requires the commission to review and update the 12-Year Program every two years. No capital project can move forward unless it is included in the 12-Year Program.

For more information about the 12-Year Program, go to www.dot.state.pa.us/TYP/index.htm.


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