Stop Sign to be Removed from Tyler Street at Selma

Council approved the sign's removal at Tuesday night's meeting.

Residents in the 1200 block of Tyler Street will soon be losing a stop sign and gaining a few parking spaces.

Norristown Municipal Council approved an ordinance on Tuesday, April 2, authorizing removal of the sign, which Councilman Bill Caldwell says was requested by residents of the neighborhood.

The sign currently sits in the middle of the block on Tyler where Selma Street meets it from the north. The sign was a problem for neighbors because it limited parking while not offering much in the way of safety due to the low traffic levels in the quiet neighborhood in the southwesterly part of town.

Parking regulations prohibit anyone from parking within 30 feet of a posted stop sign which, according to Interim Police Chief Willie Richet, resulted in numerous tickets having been issued in the neighborhood – much to the chagrin of neighbors. Now residents of Tyler Street have several new parking spaces at their disposal.

Both Caldwell and Chief Richet expressed their pleasure at being able to tackle a simple quality of life issue for neighbors, making their lives a little easier.

Officials say removal of the sign will be added to the Public Works Department's work list and will most likely come down next week.


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