U.S. House Race, District 7 - Meehan v. Badey

Congressman Pat Meehan (R) is running against George Badey (D) for a second term in the U.S. House of Representatives.


A closer look at candidates of the 7th Congressional District, which includes portions of Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Berks and Lancaster counties. 

About Pat Meehan:
Pat Meehan was elected to congress in 2010, after serving as the District Attorney in Delaware County and the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

In congress, Meehan services on the Transportation and Infrastructure, Oversign and Governement and Reform and the Homeland Security Committees.

Learn more about Meehan's biography here.

About George Badey:
Challenger  George Badey is a Radnor Township lawyer who has gone up against Big Tobacco, pharmaceutical giants and the insurance industry. He was also involved in litigation regarding the 2012 Presidential Election in Florida.

Bady is the founder of a law firm, and has been involved in the community through local politics, youth sports, the Fralinger String Band.

Learn more about Badey's biography here.

Pat Meehan on the Issues:
Meehan sees the top issues in the 7th District as the economy, fiscal responsibility and taxes, health care, transportation, protecting Social Security and Medicare and energy.

Read more on Meehan's stances on important issues here.

George Badey on the Issues:
Badey sees the top issues in the 7th District being the economy, medicare, women's health, education, social security, national security and environment and energy.

Read more on Badey's stances on these issues here.

Seventh Congressional District History:
The Seventh congressional District was represented by Curt Weldon for over two decades, until an FBI investigation and a Democratic wave helped Joe Sestak to take Weldon out in 2006.

Sestak decided not to run in 2010, opting instead for unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid against Pat Toomey, and Meehan beat challenger Bryan Lentz by more than ten points.

Meehan/Badey Polls:
Real Clear Politics ranks it as a "Safe GOP" seat.

For Further Reading on Pat Meehan:
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For Further Reading on George Badey:
Badey's Website
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