Unofficial Primary Results on Party Delegates Are In

We've got the rundown on the local delegates going to each party's convention.


The polls have all reported in and while there wasn't much of a contest anywhere on the board in our area (except for the special election in the 153rd to fill Josh Shapiro's vacated seat), folks have been wondering who we'll be sending to the national conventions to represent the parties locally this year. Keep in mind these results are unofficial. Here's the rundown:

District 13


The Republicans in District 13 (which includes Norristown and parts of East Norriton) were looking for three names for the convention in Tampa Bay, Florida in August. They were asked to pick three delegates and three alternates. The top three delegates were William E. Donnelly, Thomas Jay Ellis and Michael J. McMonagle. The top three alternates were Agnes Tilley, Deirdre Barnes and Steven C. Boc. Here's how the numbers fell:

Delegates Vote Count Percentage William E. Donnelly 9,163 23.20% Michael J. McMonagle 5,705 14.44% Thomas Jay Ellis 6,900 17.47% Michael Anthony Salvi 3,324 8.42% Brandon Yates 3,278 8.30% Edward T. Boyd 3,283 8.31% Robert C. Barrilli 4,873 12.34% Steven J. Gilber 2,970 7.52% Total 39,496 100.00%
Alternate Delegates Vote Count Percentage Steven C. Boc 6,296 17.64% Agnes Tilley 7,621 21.35% John Hennelly 5,142 14.41% Leonard M. Amodei 2,712 7.60% Chad Odhner 3,286 9.21% Deirdre Barnes 7,147 20.02% Shaun Fishburn 3,487 9.77% Total 35,691 100.00%


The Democrats were looking for 10 names for their national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September (5 men and 5 women) and one alternate. With only nine names on the ballot, everyone qualifies. Here's how the numbers fell for them: 

Delegates Vote Count Percentage Catherine G. Scott 17,212 11.99% D. Gregory Holt 16,015 11.16% Kelly Lynn Devine 16,438 11.45% Louis J. Farinella 15,260 10.63% Vince Gillen 15,257 10.63% Leslie S. Richards 16,512 11.50% Patrick J. Eiding 15,043 10.48% Olivia E. Brady 16,207 11.29% Caren Gansman Moskowitz 15,605 10.87% Total 143,549 100.00%

The only alternate on the ballot was Betsy May Kilkenny who got 16,979 votes.

District 6


The Republicans in District 6 (including parts of West Norriton) were again looking for three names each for delegates and alternates. The top three delegate candidates were Jim Gerlach, Ryan A. Costello and Janice K. Kearney. Top three alternates were Mary Louise Doyle, Jonathan Cutillo and Brian K. Peppel. Here are the numbers:

Delegates Vote Counts Percentage Jonathan Henry Spadt 2,140 10.13% Curt Schroder 2,001 9.47% Ryan A. Costello 3,168 15.00% Philip G. Duffy 1,771 8.39% Edmund W. Bender 1,200 5.68% Sean Leban 892 4.22% Byron Whitman 1,105 5.23% Janice K. Kearney 2,231 10.56% Jim Gerlach 6,613 31.31% Total 21,121 100.00% Alternate Delegates Vote Count Percentage Mary Louise Doyle 5,111 30.05% Jonathan Cutillo 4,250 24.99% Brian K. Peppel 3,885 22.84% Norman MacQueen 3,763 22.12% Total 17,009 100.00%


The Democrats were looking for eight names (four men and four woman) and one alternate. Here are the results:

Delegates   Vote Count Percentage Daniel B. Wofford 3,140 12.82% Frank S. Burstein 2,875 11.74% Michele Vaughn 3,190 13.03% Kathleen Kathi Cozzone 3,195 13.05% Wendell W. Young, IV 2,827 11.54% Diane J. Duggin 3,105 12.68% William J. Scott 2,895 11.82% Barbara E. Cooper 3,261 13.32% Total 24,488 100.00%

The only alternate on the ballot was Judith L. Watts with 3,537 votes.

District 7


Republicans in District 7 (including parts of East Norriton and West Norriton) were looking for four delegates and four alternates. Top four delegate candidates were Patricia A. Booker, Andy Lewis, Robert J Willert and Michael V. Puppio. Top four alternates were Katherine Wood-Jacobs, John Egan, Elizabeth A. Salvucci and Carolyn Bunny Welsh. Here are the results:

Delegates Vote Count Percentages Michael Cocco 3,165 10.61% Robert J. Willert 4,538 15.22% Joe Grande 2,635 8.83% David W. Owens 3,113 10.44% Andy Lewis 4,842 16.23% Patrick Henry Sellers 2,391 8.02% Patricia A. Booker 5,047 16.92% Michael V. Puppio 4,094 13.73% Total 29,825 100.00% Alternate Delegates Vote Count Percentages Katherine Wood-Jacobs 5,138 17.92% Patrick G. Kocher 2,415 8.42% Elizabeth A. Salvucci 4,724 16.47% John Egan 5,393 18.81% Nicholas Puracchio 1,735 6.05% Michael P. Boyle 2,956 10.31% Carolyn Bunny Welsh 4,637 16.17% Rocco Moffa 1,678 5.85% Total 28,676 100.00%


The Democrats were looking for nine names (five men and four women) for delegate and one alternate. Here are the results:  

Delegates Vote Count Percentage Jean Davidson 3,925 11.83% Kenneth E. Lawrence, Jr. 3,593 10.83% John I. Kane 3,677 11.08% Tom M. Herman 3,508 10.57% Gerald Lawrence 3,546 10.69% Daylin B. Leach 3,558 10.72% Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris 3,670 11.06% Ruth S. Damsker 3,975  11.98% Evelyn R. Sample-Oates 3,734 11.25% Total 33,186 100.00%

The only Democratic alternate on the ballot was Marcy Power with 4,031.

Remember, these results supplied by the county are unoffical until verified by the proper authorities.

Kelly Devine April 25, 2012 at 12:19 PM
This site has the total tallies, not just the MontCo numbers: http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/


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