West Norriton Commissioners Vote No on YMCA Zoning Appeal

Hundreds of community members, both for and against the proposed YMCA facility, packed the Jeffersonville Golf Club to hear the board deny the organizations zoning change request.

One by one, more than three dozen West Norriton residents approached the microphone at the last night and made sometimes impassioned pleas for the cause. For some, the cause was convincing the West Norriton Board of Commissioners to deny to change the zoning on the land adjacent to the Markley Farm Tract from residential to recreational. For others, it was pleading with the commissioners to allow the hearing and pave the way for the proposed $19-million dollar facility.

After hearing every resident who wished to speak, the commissioners thanked the them for their input and one by one, with no discussion of the matter, voted to deny the YMCA's request.

Read more about the and see highlights of last night's comments and the commissioners' vote in our video.

Norristown Patch will be following up with Freedom Valley YMCA to learn what the organization's future plans for a new facility are. Check back with us for updates.

Hedgehog March 15, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Wouldn't want our community to have a gorgeous, full-service facility guaranteed to stay around a long time and provide a safe place for youth to play and learn and exercise.....
JMGAMBONE March 15, 2012 at 02:07 PM
All of you Y'ers need some food for thought. Do you realize that a new facility would have been open up to 18,000 members of the "Y" group. Do you realize how many of those 18,000 people would have wanted to come to that new "state of the art" facility. Can you imagine 10% or 1,800 of those people trying to use that facility at the same time. Do you realize that the parking lot would have been the size of the parking lot in front of the Walmart on Trooper Road. I have to assume that the answers to both are no. Think outside of that 85,000 square foot box. The commissioners makde the right decision for this Township. A start of the art facility would be great, not in the middle of a residential subdivision. End of story.
John bell March 15, 2012 at 04:30 PM
So you think its a bad idea because it would bring more people into our community and the parking lot would be too big, now do you see how stupid you sound?
John Kolb March 15, 2012 at 05:25 PM
The only real issue here was traffic, the 'Y' would have wound up, at least partially, supporting the cost of a traffic light at Trooper & Oakland. The 'Y' would have been a very green development, possibly even LEED certified and would have preserved acres, and acres of deed restricted open space. Instead what may happen is, Markleys will not be able to find a buyer to sell to. It either go vacant and become a blight, or go to a developer who will want to maximize density. Which means a zoning change from Recreation to Residential, probably Townhouse, meaning 100+ new units in there. It is a statistical fact that residential house does not help the bottom line budget of a municipality, if it did we would not be seeing all these tax hikes to cover basic operating costs. So we will get an additional burden on NASD, and all the other municipal services, and the taxes generated by these new homes won't be enough to cover it and taxes WILL go up. So of you well informed '500' kept saying how much tax revenue WNT will lose is the 'Y' we built. WHAT? The Pool has operated as a Non-Prof for years (limited tax liability) and the Farm is under Act 319 with discounted taxes. The 'Y' would have generated nearly $40,000 right off the top in wage taxes, then add in all the surrounding business that would have benefited by servicing this new facility and it staff (food, gas, entertainment, etc.) and the economic benefit would have been great for the WHOLE community.
Jane March 16, 2012 at 04:58 PM
I dont think it sounds stupid when we are talking about ridding ourselves of what little open and protected land we have left.. IE farm Park not FARM PARKING LOT


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